2 Hip Woman in Chiang Mai

Taken from HIP magazine’s November 2010 issue special “20 HIP WOMEN IN CHIANG MAI”.

Download two of the articles (with audio) here…
Less But Mor
The Real Me

Download HIP magazine for free here, or keep an eye out for it in coffee shops around Chiang Mai.



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Plearn Promdan – Ying Ting

Song lyrics are an interesting way to learn some new language. However, the first thing you need to do is actually find some music that you enjoy in that language. That’s where I had a problem! The run-of-the-mill Thai pop, soft-rock, love songs are about as appealing to me as a dose dengue fever. Luckily I recently stumbled upon the excellent Zudrangma Records (www.zudrangmarecords.com). As well as running a record shop in Bangkok and club nights in Thailand and Japan, they have helped put together some excellent compilations of “vintage Luk Thung, Luk Krung and Molam”.


(www.soundwayrecords.com)                                              (www.finderskeepersrecords.com)

If you’re interested in hearing some alternative/left field Thai music, check them out!

The first song I’m going to look at is Plearn Promdan’s brutally vindictive ‘Ying Ting’, from the Thai? Dai! compliation.

Download the song and lyrics here >>> http://www.4shared.com/file/QIBuP51p/Plearn_Promdan_-_Ying_Ting.html

Here’s some of the vindictive vocabulary loosely translated…

ลากคอ – drag by the throat/neck

ยิงแสกหน้าเสียให้ลูกตากระเด็น – shoot you in the face so your eyes splatter

ยิงให้ทรวงอกพรุน – riddle your chest with shots

ยิงให้เหม็นด้วยปืนอาก้าคาบาย – shoot you with an AK47 and leave your body to rot

ต้องยิงด้วยรีวอลเวอร – shoot you with a revolver

ยิงตัดขั้วหัวใจ – shoot you and cut the flow of blood to your heart

เอาเอ็มสิบหกยิงถลกหนังหัว – scalp you with an M16

ยิงให้ตายทันท – shoot you to death immediately

ยิงเผาขนแล้วเอาศพโยนทะเล – shoot you so closely that your body hair is singed, and throw your dead body in the sea



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Thai-Eng keyboard map

I made these Thai-Eng keyboard maps a while ago to help me when typing in Thai.


They’re useful for those who, like me, have an English keyboard but don’t want to go down the sticker route, for whatever reason!

I have them laminated back-to-back, and keep it handy for when I can’t remember where a certain Thai character is on the keyboard.

Download the full-size versions here >>> http://www.4shared.com/file/VSeMYNlY/keyboardmaps.html

Or just click on the images above.


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สวัสดีฮัลโลทั่วทุกคน และยินดีต้อนรับสู่บล็อกของเปิ้นนะคับ

เปิ้นหวังว่าบล็อกนี้จะได้ช่วยคนอื่นๆ และผมเองมีความรู้ในถาษาไทยดีขึ้น






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